The Modern Slow Cooker

slow cookerSous Vide

Every once in a while gastronomy makes leaps and bounds in terms of technology and methods for cooking. Such companies as Restaurant Supply have various restaurant equipment that makes the process of cooking fast and easy. The microwave help simplify cooking for many families. Slow cookers allow for long cooking times without having to watch over a dish. Now, with the rise of hot water circulators, or sous vide cooking anyone can make the perfect dish without as much effort. The modern smart versions of these modern slow cookers even allow for control of cooking through computers and other smart devices without having to be in the kitchen.

Sous Vide Basics

The modern hot water cooking device provides precise results without complicated technology. It would be valid thinking to assume that spending money on a device like this would be silly when slow cookers already do a similar kind of heating. This assumption would only be half correct though as slow cookers inevitably cook hotter at points closest to the heating element. Heating of this kind will inevitably burn certain parts of a dish while under-cooking others. Sous vide works differently by allowing the temperature to remain consistent throughout by use of circulation. Circulating the water ensures that everything being cooked is done so with consistent temperatures at every point. Large department stores such as Target are now offering the product as shown by the Sous Vide supreme. The Supreme is a water over that comes complete with a vacuum sealer, making it the perfect starter kit for anyone interested in becoming more familiar with this new type of slow cooking.

Extended Cooking Times

Another benefit of hot water cooking is that food can be cooked at lower temperatures for longer periods of time. Long cooking times allow for a product to be cooked to the point of extreme tenderness. In addition to the tenderness, low temperatures can allow a person to cook a piece of meat to a perfect temperature throughout. This means that a steak can be cooked to medium rare throughout, and not just in the center. Another important part of this cooking process, vacuum sealing, helps eliminate some of the issues that might otherwise arise through more traditional “slow and low” methods.
Vacuum Sealing

sous videUsing vacuum bags to contain the ingredients is an important aspect of this type of cooking. Sealing the bags and eliminating any air ensures that the product is cooked properly, not exposed to outside elements, and remains free of contaminants. Sealing the bags also helps ensure that the actual circulator will not become clogged with any debris that might otherwise float freely in the cooking medium. Vacuum sealing also helps to ensure that all of the juices are kept within to create a superior quality. Advancements in the Internet of Things have also helped to create a new way of helping the cook make food to the best of his or her abilities.